A-Z of wedding photography Provence: Digne, Destination Wedding, Dress and D’Artagnan

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Destination Wedding Photography Provence


D is for Digne, Destination Wedding, wedding Dress and D’Artanian. Don’t forget, you can add your suggestions and ideas to this guide as we are going along. Feel free to GET IN TOUCH.


Digne-les-Bains is a commune in the northern part of Provence. It lies in a unique position between the three rivers on something called thrust fault – a break in the Earth crust. Don’t they have a break in the Earth crust in Iceland? or is it something even more monumental, like the two major tectonic plates drifting apart? Hmmm… 

At any rate, if you have an interest in geology, you will find Digne a fascinating place. Similarly, if you are into hydrotherapy and mud-baths – Digne is the place to visit. Local thermal baths use their hot springs to treat  respiratory diseases and rheumatism. 

The last, but still pretty remarkable USP for Digne is Raid des Terres Noires – extreme mountain biking along the ridges of local hills. Apparently the event brings more than a thousand participants every year. It’s safe to say, I am not going to be amongst those dare devils. I am much more into destination wedding photography Provence!!

Mountain villages of Provence, South of France/ www.yanaphotography.eu

when I absolutely had to have to stop the car to take this picture!

Mountain villages of Provence, South of France/ www.yanaphotography.eu

Can you see a tiny little church built into a mountain? Can you imagine to have a wedding here!!

Destination weddings

Destination weddings are getting more and more popular and Provence is often at the top of the list. If you are considering to tie the knot abroad, be sure to research your dream destination’s marriage requirements. Wedding requirements in France are really quite complex. Just to give you an idea here are the key points:

  • A civil ceremony in the Mairie (Town Hall) is the only legally binding type of ceremony possible in France
  • You must reside in France for a minimum of 40 days immediately prior the civil ceremony
  • A religious ceremony can take place only AFTER a civil ceremony has taken place, either in France or in your own country

Securing services of a wedding planner for your wedding inFrance is probably going to be one of your priorities. I’ll be happy to share details of some of the best wedding planners in the business. Feel free to get in touch.

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Wedding dress

Will your wedding ceremony in Provence is likely to be a symbolic event rather than a legal procedure? In any case, the magic of your celebrations will have all the key wedding ingredients. And your wedding dress will set the tone to the whole ambience of your celebration of love. Will your wedding be relaxed, rustic or refined?

Obviously, it will take more than a couple of minutes of your time to choose just the right wedding gown. So I am putting just a little basic description of the most common silhouettes of wedding dresses.

Bridal fashion is wonderfully diverse and creates a bewildering number of amazing wedding gowns.  I know you will find the dress which will make you feel special.

wedding Provence


Would you like to see some of the vintage wedding dresses fine ladies of France wore for their wedding in Provence? Well, amazingly I came across this most wonderful museum of weddings in one of the Chateaus I visited.

Some of these incredible vintage wedding dresses date from  1850 to 1950. At the time when these wedding dresses were lovingly made, marriage was considered the most important event of your life. These days, spending over a year planning for your wedding day can be considered a bit OTT by some. Well, back than families were preparing for many years for this day to be perfect.

I suppose we don’t cross-stitch sheets and towels for the bride’s trousseau any more… yet putting together all elements of the wedding day still requires lots of time and care. 


I know what you are thinking – the man from Gascony who became a Musketeer and had many films made about their adventures (based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas). Well, in fact I am talking about a drink made in honour of that chivalrous young man. As in the previous notes in our alphabetical guide, I am trying to find a drink for each letter of the alphabet. This time it is a cocktail made with Armagnac brandy.

Armagnac like Cognac is distilled from the grape wine, but less known outside of Europe. 

To make at home:

1 tsp Armagnac brandy

1 tsp Grand Marnier orange liqueur

½ oz freshly squeezed orange juice

½ tsp sugar syrop

3 - 4 oz chilled Champagne

Orange peel for garnishes

Mix all the liquid ingredients apart from Champagne and stir gently. Then top up with Champagne and garnish with orange twist.

However, I would like to share a picture of one gentleman or Monsieur. I met him while shooting a wonderful wedding photography Provence and he immediately reminded me of Monsieur d’Artagnan. With a cavalier hat on? What do you think? 😉 

Looking for a wedding photographer in the South of France? Or perhaps you know someone who is planning their French Rivera wedding? I’d love to hear more – feel free to GET IN TOUCH <3



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