Nice to Meet You

Destination Wedding Photographer

Hello, I am a documentary destination wedding photographer and I am that lucky person who loves the job I do.

I started out as a journalist at a tender age of 14, later worked in the world of legal puzzles but I found myself the happiest when photographing people.

England has been my home for most of my adult life… but I was born in Russia. Now I can dedicate myself to being a destination wedding photographer several months a year.

My European base is in the South of France but I will travel to other European destinations for my clients.

I have been professionally photographing weddings for over 12 years and won various awards. Over the years I realised that hapiness of my couples is the biggest accolade I enjoy.

The last time I checked, I have my work displayed in 18 countries around the world.

Being part of the international world is very important to me and I love working with people from all over the world. Ever since my University days, I was part of an international community and keep in touch with friends from many countries.

Travel, new cultures, new food, new architecture, natural light are my inspiration. One day I imagine to make a fortune from my travel photography portfolio!

I am constantly inspired by femininity and beautiful form. Modern day femininity doesn't always have to be breathless and covered in tule. It pairs timeless with edgy, grace with rock-n-roll. Like modern ballet. I love ballet. To me, ballet dancers are the ultimate combination of grace and steel.

Wedding abroad is such a beautiful dream, which only some very lucky, adventurous and imaginative couples dare to make into a beautiful reality. I want to help you make this dream to come true.

My aim is to tell the story of your romance, your love and relationship through my unobtrusive, natural images. I want to capture the emotions, the atmosphere, the setting of your beautiful wedding using the beautiful natural light, all my skill of a keen observer and a natural appreciation of elegance and sophistication.

I look forward to hearing about you and your world.

Yana x

Life is an awfully big adventure ...